So I decided, while figuring the numbers and legal things, I wanted to make a more meaningful contribution, so I am learning about batteries.

To be able to focus on this specific, yet critical part of The Slid  is allowing me to understand key aspects, not only about costs, but also on design and logistics.

My intention behind this is to maximize variables and this will enable us to offer and guarantee quality.

The premise remains the same, Keep learning.

Hopefully if I do this right I might be able to know about electrical motors which, well, you know it would be cool.

We´ll see how I do.

Bossed up!

OK Folks, Esteban here, I formally studied Business Administration at the ITCR (Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica) , of course Im proud of it, but one of the major things colleagues complain about is,  nobody teach you how to be your own boss, truth is nobody will give you the right tools, you have to figure it out.

Most important, if you ain´t doing great, nobody cares, I had to learn that the hard way, and despite it hurt back in the day, truth is , one can always move on.

Its really an uncanny valley, where steps forward might look familiar, but you cant really tell, whether or not you are doing the best.

When you are on your own, it really takes grit, and love, to keep it going.

I´m pretty sure I am enjoying every single bit of this project,  and you know haters going to hate (geez, and we are just warming up)

Anyhow, we have seen it, now its totally up to us, how bad do we really  want it?

All Right, are you guys ready?

Hi friends, Esteban here, hope you people are ready, because to us this is really a BIG ONE.

Ladies and gentlemen its been 8 months since we started this journey, and now we finally signed the papers, officially Industrias del Espacio is on the books!

For so many reasons we couldn’t possibly be prouder and happier.

This means a lot to us, because its a huge step forward, its a commitment, and yes, why not? this is was our point of no return, now we are headed to fulfill our purpose and its about time we deliver.

So there you go, one step closer.

Whats coming up, you might be wondering?

Well, there are still some legal stuff we would like to move on with before sharing some real images and concepts, bear with us, The Slid has evolved so much, you would not  be able to tell its the same from the beginning, and we know it, and that´s good because we are loving every single version of it.


POC or Proof of Concept

Today was one of the most beautiful days I have had in long time,let me give you some context, one of the things we missed to tell you  was that we ordered an ebike on amazon, you know because of cientific research , we are building a proof of concept, from a professional point of view it is a complex concept, but for the untrained eyed like me the proof of concept is basically an esqueleton, we are testing and interacting for the very firt time, with actual parts, let me tell you this Is incredibly entertaining,

For me it was extremely rewarding to be able to use a bike, even if it was an electric one, for the first time in long time, obviously my memory triggered happy childhood memories, long before bike were this popular and long before times where  it is far better go to work biking than driving your car (based on overall cost benefit)

So of course we rode a while , not enough yet thou,

The thing is we are happy and moving forward with our very fonded Slid Project

Long Time no talking to you fellas!

Hi there! I know it’s been long time no talking to you, fellas. Days have been hectic but the very most important thing here is that we are back! Where to start… where to start?

Alright, let me give you a hint: Intellectual Property. Yes, pretty neat, right?

Well, turns out we checked in with the CATi (an acronym, Spanish for Technology and Innovation Support Center) for our first reality check. And it turns out they were pretty excited with our project.

Of course Harold and I celebrated the event: this meant a lot for us, because it was the very first time someone outside our close circle of friendships saw The Slid. And even more so when the guy that reviewed our case was playing devil’s advocate (and he does on a daily basis,  ’cause that’s his job) demonstrated sincere interest in our project. Pretty much like the SharkTank, only with no sharks, and no money, but hey: money come and goes; good ideas are unstoppable.

One of the most important takeaways was: if we want to hit it, we might as well get good law counsel, especially in terms of intellectual property, which of course none of us is really proficient. In fact, that was probably the main reason why we have been low-key in social media, and almost began writing only therapeutically here in this blog. We have been very active, though, especially Harold who hands down has made a HUGE job, hella work and Kudos to you, because you have been able to gracefully fix design gaps and setbacks.

By the way, setback is a funny word. Read on: one of the next entries is initially related to Setbacks.

We still have to figure out a lot of things, but this has been a gratifying and interesting journey so far. Sometimes I believe we are here because of the thrill, yet we know we gotta stay focused, though.



They say , life is about equilibrium, after many life lessons , I have come to believe that too.

When you are trying to figure your strategy, project numbers, forecasts , financial statements, design, and conceptualizing your own PYME (in soanish for Small Business) if you have been paying attention to what you are doing, you set safety nets, try to the best of your knowledge to avoid mistakes.

Yet , how do you prepare to face what you don’t know, it’s good to think thoroughly , but how many times, do you really think things straight? Now add the It is a Business component right?

So guilty of imperfect incompetency , and we had our first real setback, I found out  a logo on twitter that was uncomfortably similar to our Logo.

I sent it to Harold , expecting him to say , hey it’s alright its nothing.

But unluckily and to my most fears, that didn’t happen, and of course Harold was totally numb, before being mad at the fact that we didn’t see that one coming .

Yet I believe we work so damn good, we knew that’s all it was, just one of the many setbacks to come, so what the hell let’s get started already right?

What happened next is I witnessed one of the most impressive marketing/business administration lessons of all time.

Harold seemed to work his magic and pulled not just one strategic epiphany but   moved on like a boss on our first logo (which by the way we grew very fonded with it) and proposed a new way to organize things within the company , and came up with an even way more spartan awesome level logo, yes I single guarantee you will love it better.

Simply amazing.

More coming soon, stay tune, because we are sharp as tacks right now.

A bit more of context

As The Slid Project advances, I think it might be important to explain a little better some of the major observations that lay the foundation of our proposal. It seems to me that sharing these considerations will help people understand the goals and intentions of the design —and hopefully— also enabling them to make the best use of it.

The most important piece of information at the current time is to remember we’re doing this for Costa Rica. Even though we’re aware of the potential of this product in foreign markets, we have a clear vision of experimenting better traffic conditions in our country. This means that our proposal must overcome a series of challenges characteristic of our country:

  • Weather (temperature, rain, wind, humidity)
  • Topography (slopes, curves, distances)
  • Infrastructure (potholes, available roads)
  • Road conditions (traffic jams, lack of parking space, road accidents)
  • Environment (noise pollution, emissions, energy generation and spending)
  • Market (vehicle options currently available, vehicle fleet)
  • Economy (industry, public debt, markets)

In the following days I will present our perspective on each of these points. But let me say: I think it’s very likely that if we get the Slid to perform well on Costa Rican roads, it’ll perform well almost everywhere.

Last Mile

Hey Esteban here, I  conmute everyday day from Coronado to Escazú , at the moment I don´t own a car, the bus leaves me about 700 meters from the office on the other side of the highway, so it takes me about 12 minutes to walk from the stop to the office, I’m honest, this doesn´t bothers me, what bothers me is  that at 7 am the sun is usually at its best, and most probably by the time I get to the office I´ll be about to start sweating, I wish I could avoid it; similar case when I go from San José to the university in Barrio Amón or when I have to go to Harold´s and I have to walk across San Pedro.

I don´t know my friends if something similar happens to you, if so, you may be suffering from the last mile problem, a concept of logistics, but lately applied to different branches of study such as economics, and although I did not find any valid definition, it can be seen as the difficulty to get from the stop to the house, or from the office to the stop (in logistics it can refer to the way you take merchandise from the parking lot to the warehouse and in Economy can be referred to the cost of the final 5% of a project for its implementation)

In my personal case, I know I have options but I do not think a car is the most logical solution for many reasons, to start it would be one more car in the street, plus expenses for maintenance, gasoline, circulation permit, I can not use a bicycle because there aren´t showers at the office, I also live a little far away so it is not an option, neither walk nor a skateboard, what can I do to solve my problem?

The reason I want you to have this concept in mind, is because we have the solution to that problem, and it looks amazing, we are going to share details as we move forward.

Not only we solve a problem, but also we will do it in a graceful way, with style, but first of all designed to reduce or solve the country’s road problem, traffic accidents, in some way reduce crime and as if this were little, will help reduce the problem of environmental pollution.

These coming weeks are going to be very interesting, because we are already working on the necessary studies and the project starts to take more shape.



Mid-February Report

We’ve had a lot of progress since my last entry. Even tough our posts have become a little bit more sporadic, The Slid Project is more alive than ever!

As we become conscious of the importance of presenting concrete evidence of our efforts, we have focused on creating a visual prototype (a 3D model), capable of transmitting the essence of our idea. However, the recent signing of the Law of Incentives and Promotion of Electric Transport seems to signal the start of an exciting Costa Rican technological race, as other related projects have surfaced on national media, like this, this and even this.

So, that’s how our current work has shifted from important to urgent. We don’t want to just stay in the race: we want to lead it and help ensure the development of the nascent industry, inspiring others to contribute to the world a little of what we Ticos value most: nature and environment.

Please stay tuned, because the moment of revealing our idea is approaching at ludicrous speed

The Best is yet to come

You don’t choose who you fall in love with, do you? And once you do fall in love—that obsessive sort of love, that all-consuming love, where two people can’t stand to be apart from each other for even a moment—how are you supposed to let a love like that pass you by?

Jordan Belfort

This is how I felt, Esteban here, my friends today , I’m lost for words, today is one of those days you could perfectly spend your entire  life waiting for.

I have laid my eyes on whats going to be THE  SLID for the very first time , ever!

Harold completed the design and somehow he pulled it off, I’m telling you, it’s graceful, its amazing, it´s beautiful,  its breathtaking, period.

Wonder if this is the same thing the first person who saw Ford’s T model or Michael Angelo´s David felt like.

For many reasons I am not posting it today , and you will have to trust me on this, because

I am telling you right now , mark my words , you most definitely will want one of these babies.