All Right, are you guys ready?

Hi friends, Esteban here, hope you people are ready, because to us this is really a BIG ONE.

Ladies and gentlemen its been 8 months since we started this journey, and now we finally signed the papers, officially Industrias del Espacio is on the books!

For so many reasons we couldn’t possibly be prouder and happier.

This means a lot to us, because its a huge step forward, its a commitment, and yes, why not? this is was our point of no return, now we are headed to fulfill our purpose and its about time we deliver.

So there you go, one step closer.

Whats coming up, you might be wondering?

Well, there are still some legal stuff we would like to move on with before sharing some real images and concepts, bear with us, The Slid has evolved so much, you would not  be able to tell its the same from the beginning, and we know it, and that´s good because we are loving every single version of it.