Bossed up!

OK Folks, Esteban here, I formally studied Business Administration at the ITCR (Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica) , of course Im proud of it, but one of the major things colleagues complain about is,  nobody teach you how to be your own boss, truth is nobody will give you the right tools, you have to figure it out.

Most important, if you ain´t doing great, nobody cares, I had to learn that the hard way, and despite it hurt back in the day, truth is , one can always move on.

Its really an uncanny valley, where steps forward might look familiar, but you cant really tell, whether or not you are doing the best.

When you are on your own, it really takes grit, and love, to keep it going.

I´m pretty sure I am enjoying every single bit of this project,  and you know haters going to hate (geez, and we are just warming up)

Anyhow, we have seen it, now its totally up to us, how bad do we really  want it?