A bit more of context

As The Slid Project advances, I think it might be important to explain a little better some of the major observations that lay the foundation of our proposal. It seems to me that sharing these considerations will help people understand the goals and intentions of the design —and hopefully— also enabling them to make the best use of it.

The most important piece of information at the current time is to remember we’re doing this for Costa Rica. Even though we’re aware of the potential of this product in foreign markets, we have a clear vision of experimenting better traffic conditions in our country. This means that our proposal must overcome a series of challenges characteristic of our country:

  • Weather (temperature, rain, wind, humidity)
  • Topography (slopes, curves, distances)
  • Infrastructure (potholes, available roads)
  • Road conditions (traffic jams, lack of parking space, road accidents)
  • Environment (noise pollution, emissions, energy generation and spending)
  • Market (vehicle options currently available, vehicle fleet)
  • Economy (industry, public debt, markets)

In the following days I will present our perspective on each of these points. But let me say: I think it’s very likely that if we get the Slid to perform well on Costa Rican roads, it’ll perform well almost everywhere.