Bearers of good news!

Hi, my name is Esteban Herrera. I am Harold’s partner, and I collaborate with the Slid Project. Last year Costa Rica accomplished the milestone of work with renewable energy for 300 days in a row. Yup, you read it right. Achieve 100% of renewable energy is possible, and we ticos did it, in many ways. Yes, we are a green country, we still have much work ado ahead, but yes you could tell we have been blessed.

We have been selected the happiest country of the world, we are Franklin Chang’s crip, we do not have army, and we have exported millions of neurons worldwide. We have such good conditions, but it is our deepest duty to protect the environment, we have to lead by example and be the fiercest Nature supporters.

Today I would like to congratulate Costa Rica’s government and people, because we are taking the right steps in the right directions, and let me recognize when good deeds are done and goals been accomplished.  Our government signed the Ley de autos eléctricos , or Electric car Law which foster a good attitude towards clean energy vehicles by tax exemptions, and additional benefits such no restriction within GAM (Great Metropolitan Area).
Even if I live in San Jose downtown and have to commute everyday it certainly feels good to be able to live, where more than 2.3 million tourist a year people decide to come for vacations.

Today amidst national elections, is good to see sometimes we all win.


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