First Week Report

The first week of our project is gone and left us with only 51 remaining to complete our goals for the Slid. I know it’s actually a lot of time, but when you’re doing something you really like, time flies. That’s its nature.

We spent most of this week putting first things in order, discussing our goals, methods and drafting the “master plan”. So far we have a name, a logo, a domain, a website and a space in some social networks. We worked on a business model canvas. We also have started making concepts of the product in 3D, but they’re far from ready for the public. Please have patience.

As we have a clear idea of the time setting of the project, we also began plotting our calendar. We probably consider this our main tool. It just makes sense: having a timeline clearly defined by a complete calendar year help us understand the magnitude of the given time frame, and hopefully, also to make better decisions about the timing of the events in this story.

That’s why I personally feel satisfied with this first week.

Now, let’s get the other 51!