Got that feeling

The Slid Project is an idea that I, Harold (nice to meet you!), convinced my friend Esteban we could try to pull out in the course of one year.

This is not the first project we work together. Some time ago we had a micro-brewery and until now we were working in some related hobby/business in our spare time. However, I believe 2018 could be a special year for this project. We see many reasons why it’s important to at least try, but I admit there’s something else in the equation and it’s not a reason but something from the heart.

If this were our last chance to make a small contribution to the world, what could that be? The beers, mead and all that are ok. But I insist: if you really had just one last year to work some kind of miracle in the world as you know it… what could that be? And how do get there?

So this was the deal: for 2018 we stop everything else we’re doing and try to focus on something bigger. Something that makes us proud (in a purposeful way). I already had a hunch what could make a good candidate for the project…

Then again, I admit the first proof this idea wasn’t completely crazy was Esteban agreeing to it.


You can’t borrow tomorrow
— Mike Patton