Last Mile

Hey Esteban here, I  conmute everyday day from Coronado to Escazú , at the moment I don´t own a car, the bus leaves me about 700 meters from the office on the other side of the highway, so it takes me about 12 minutes to walk from the stop to the office, I’m honest, this doesn´t bothers me, what bothers me is  that at 7 am the sun is usually at its best, and most probably by the time I get to the office I´ll be about to start sweating, I wish I could avoid it; similar case when I go from San José to the university in Barrio Amón or when I have to go to Harold´s and I have to walk across San Pedro.

I don´t know my friends if something similar happens to you, if so, you may be suffering from the last mile problem, a concept of logistics, but lately applied to different branches of study such as economics, and although I did not find any valid definition, it can be seen as the difficulty to get from the stop to the house, or from the office to the stop (in logistics it can refer to the way you take merchandise from the parking lot to the warehouse and in Economy can be referred to the cost of the final 5% of a project for its implementation)

In my personal case, I know I have options but I do not think a car is the most logical solution for many reasons, to start it would be one more car in the street, plus expenses for maintenance, gasoline, circulation permit, I can not use a bicycle because there aren´t showers at the office, I also live a little far away so it is not an option, neither walk nor a skateboard, what can I do to solve my problem?

The reason I want you to have this concept in mind, is because we have the solution to that problem, and it looks amazing, we are going to share details as we move forward.

Not only we solve a problem, but also we will do it in a graceful way, with style, but first of all designed to reduce or solve the country’s road problem, traffic accidents, in some way reduce crime and as if this were little, will help reduce the problem of environmental pollution.

These coming weeks are going to be very interesting, because we are already working on the necessary studies and the project starts to take more shape.