They say , life is about equilibrium, after many life lessons , I have come to believe that too.

When you are trying to figure your strategy, project numbers, forecasts , financial statements, design, and conceptualizing your own PYME (in soanish for Small Business) if you have been paying attention to what you are doing, you set safety nets, try to the best of your knowledge to avoid mistakes.

Yet , how do you prepare to face what you don’t know, it’s good to think thoroughly , but how many times, do you really think things straight? Now add the It is a Business component right?

So guilty of imperfect incompetency , and we had our first real setback, I found out  a logo on twitter that was uncomfortably similar to our Logo.

I sent it to Harold , expecting him to say , hey it’s alright its nothing.

But unluckily and to my most fears, that didn’t happen, and of course Harold was totally numb, before being mad at the fact that we didn’t see that one coming .

Yet I believe we work so damn good, we knew that’s all it was, just one of the many setbacks to come, so what the hell let’s get started already right?

What happened next is I witnessed one of the most impressive marketing/business administration lessons of all time.

Harold seemed to work his magic and pulled not just one strategic epiphany but   moved on like a boss on our first logo (which by the way we grew very fonded with it) and proposed a new way to organize things within the company , and came up with an even way more spartan awesome level logo, yes I single guarantee you will love it better.

Simply amazing.

More coming soon, stay tune, because we are sharp as tacks right now.