Mid-February Report

We’ve had a lot of progress since my last entry. Even tough our posts have become a little bit more sporadic, The Slid Project is more alive than ever!

As we become conscious of the importance of presenting concrete evidence of our efforts, we have focused on creating a visual prototype (a 3D model), capable of transmitting the essence of our idea. However, the recent signing of the Law of Incentives and Promotion of Electric Transport seems to signal the start of an exciting Costa Rican technological race, as other related projects have surfaced on national media, like this, this and even this.

So, that’s how our current work has shifted from important to urgent. We don’t want to just stay in the race: we want to lead it and help ensure the development of the nascent industry, inspiring others to contribute to the world a little of what we Ticos value most: nature and environment.

Please stay tuned, because the moment of revealing our idea is approaching at ludicrous speed