POC or Proof of Concept

Today was one of the most beautiful days I have had in long time,let me give you some context, one of the things we missed to tell you  was that we ordered an ebike on amazon, you know because of cientific research , we are building a proof of concept, from a professional point of view it is a complex concept, but for the untrained eyed like me the proof of concept is basically an esqueleton, we are testing and interacting for the very firt time, with actual parts, let me tell you this Is incredibly entertaining,

For me it was extremely rewarding to be able to use a bike, even if it was an electric one, for the first time in long time, obviously my memory triggered happy childhood memories, long before bike were this popular and long before times where  it is far better go to work biking than driving your car (based on overall cost benefit)

So of course we rode a while , not enough yet thou,

The thing is we are happy and moving forward with our very fonded Slid Project