What is this story about?

We have decided the protagonist of this story is definitely a vehicle. Before this project started, we only had a blurry idea about the problem that ultimately motivate us: it has to do with how difficult it has become to travel on the streets of the Great Metropolitan Area of our country, Costa Rica.

We still have a lot of research to do to correctly back up our observations, but you can ask anyone actually living here that going out to work and back has been increasingly frustrating in the last decades. Some of the main causes are traffic jams, car accidents, lack of parking space, shabby streets and car theft. We know many of those issues may be seen as part of normal life in modern cities all around the world, and we also know this is an enormous problem to tackle, but we want to do something anyway. There has been several measures tried in our country, like vehicular restrictions, bike lanes, campaigning for patience and courtesy on the road, etc., but none of those seem to work. Still, something has to be done.

Maybe this is actually a story about us, humans.