Work, Work, Work…

Hey Esteban here, Many of the things I enjoy the most , about joining a project is having the freedom to contribute to  build its DNA .

Harold and I have totally different backgrounds, however we agree on some points that are certainly relevant to what we want to be our operations and  towards the actions we take on the road to success.

In our case ingenuity, daring, commitment, the desire to facilitate society to achieve goals, grit, vision and the fact that money is not a driver nor an end , but rather a happy externality, are things that have been printed in our project´s DNA from the very beginning.

Yesterday as religiously every Friday, we met, and discussed  very specific aspects about what and how we are going to achieve , and  if there is one thing we are sure is that those who are going to join us in this odyssey are going to stand by  those values too, that is the way in which the culture of this company was born and shaped , and we firmly believe  it has the genes to adapt itself to the future,

Harold was commenting on the latest changes, which I found incredible and I just makes me want to have a slid right now.

Now,  I am about to start writing our strategic plan; running the risk of biasing or frequency illusion bias, we feel that the gear parts are shifting and that the wind is blowing favorably in our direction.